Hot Topics in Advertising Law 2010

New York, New York
25 June 2010
Hosted By: PLI

The hottest trends in advertising law have made the field more complicated than ever before. User-generated content has created new challenges for advertising lawyers and new guidance on the use of endorsements and testimonials has changed how companies may promote their products and services. This seminar, hosted by the PLI New York Center on 25 June 2010, provided attendees with the practical skills needed to manage the many regulatory and legal risks that may arise. The seminar addressed issues including procedural considerations and remedies; materiality and the key differences between puffery and parody; navigating the FTC's guides on endorsements and testimonials, including how they apply to bloggers; special issues related to user-generated content; social networking and advertising; and how to develop and utilize surveys in false advertising litigation. NERA Special Consultant Dr. Eugene Ericksen participated on a panel about surveys. Dr. Ericksen and his co-panelists addressed the topics of implementing an effective survey via the Internet (and avoiding hidden pitfalls), and the increasing sophistication of controls in false advertising surveys.

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