Fukushima and Nuclear Power: Can We Live Without It?

29 June 2011
Hosted By: The Energy Collective

NERA Vice President Edward Kee participated in a panel discussion on the future of nuclear power at a webinar hosted by The Energy Collective on 29 June 2011. Following the earthquake and tsunamis that tragically impacted Japan in March, energy experts are now questioning the long-term impact of the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant on nuclear policy, international power generation, and the global carbon picture. The panel addressed a number of critical issues, including whether the Fukushima crisis has impacted public opinion and policy debates about nuclear energy; what countries like Japan and Germany stand to gain or lose by giving up nuclear power generation; the carbon cost of giving up nuclear plants; how countries that move away from nuclear will make up that power elsewhere; and finally, whether the demise of the nuclear industry has been exaggerated.

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