Review of UK Shipping Emissions

London, England
17 November 2011
Hosted By: NERA Economic Consulting in cooperation with the British Institute of Energy Economics (BIEE)

The UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC) recently launched its analysis of UK shipping emissions. On 17 November 2011, Neil Golborne, Team Leader for Transport and Agriculture in the Secretariat for the CCC, visited NERA's London office to present the analysis to members of the British Institute of Energy Economics (BIEE). International aviation and shipping emissions are not currently included in the UK's target for emission reduction in the Climate Change Act, which leaves a part of UK emissions not fully accounted for. However, the Climate Change Act also requires that the exclusion from UK carbon budgets be revisited by the end of 2012. The CCC will provide its advice on the issue next spring, and in developing that advice, the CCC has been looking at the possible future path for shipping emissions. In this seminar, Mr. Golborne presented estimates of the UK's share of current international shipping emissions; the options for emissions abatement; projections to 2050, under various assumptions for demand growth and emissions abatement; and options for inclusion in the UK's emission abatement target and carbon budgets.

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