IBC 2nd Annual Global Financial Institutions Litigation Conference

London, England
25 October 2012
Hosted By: IBC

High-level commercial litigation involving large financial institutions is evolving rapidly in its complexity and sophistication. This annual IBC conference, held in London on 25 October 2012, examined recent developments and possible trends in disputes involving banks and other financial bodies. NERA Senior Consultant Gary Lambert participated in a session entitled "Issues Arising from the Global Financial Crisis and Sovereign Debt." The expert panel discussed a number of timely issues, including claims that might arise as a result of a Greek exit from the Euro; the latest sovereign disputes, debts, and enforcement issues; recent economic developments and what the return of the drachma would mean for Greece; bilateral investment treaties; and how to protect investment strategies in the current global environment. Mr. Lambert presented NERA's original research on sovereign credit risk, looking at the information on European sovereign creditworthiness embedded in the bond and CDS markets, with a more in-depth analysis of the Greek debt restructuring at the beginning of 2012.

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