2013 BP Madrid Forum on Energy & Sustainability: The Future of Gas Markets in Europe

Madrid, Spain
12 June 2013
Hosted By: BP in conjunction with Comillas University

NERA Director Graham Shuttleworth was invited to speak about the long-term future of gas markets in Europe at this international forum, hosted by BP in conjunction with Comillas University in Madrid on 12-13 June 2013. Mr. Shuttleworth discussed the instability of the EU gas target model and the lessons that could be learned from the US model of gas pipeline regulation, which is more stable, he noted, because it better reflects the underlying economics of gas pipelines. He then explained how US regulatory institutions had managed to create a competitive pipeline industry by providing "open access to economies of scale" through the obligation to provide "taps" (the obligation for existing pipelines to connect other pipelines).

Mr. Shuttleworth's presentation is available for download here.

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