Competition Summit 2013

Brussels, Belgium
05 December 2013
Hosted By: Premier Cercle

NERA Director Prof. Dr. Frank P. Maier-Rigaud, Head of Competition Economics Europe, participated in a global competition summit in Brussels that examined major recent developments in EU competition law and policy. This year's annual summit, which took place 5-6 December 2013, addressed a number of significant topics, including the benefits of compliance programs, remedies packages, joint ventures, minority shareholdings, FRAND and patent wars, energy markets, fines, leniency, fair use of patents, vertical restraints, the new TTBER, and damages actions. On the first day of the program, Prof. Dr. Maier-Rigaud chaired a workshop on merger simulation that featured presentations by Jarig van Sinderen, Chief Economist at The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets; and Professor Oliver Budzinski, Head of Economic Theory Department at the Ilmenau University of Technology in Germany. The workshop addressed the role of merger simulation in EU merger control from the initial cases in the early 2000s until the most recent application of the method. The discussion addressed questions such as how to use merger simulation successfully, whether merger simulation is a good economic tool for analyzing the effects of a merger, and how the European Commission and national competition authorities in the EU are using such methods to evaluate the potential anticompetitive effects of mergers.

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