PANC 2013 Annual Seminar

San Francisco, California
21 May 2013
Hosted By: the Power Association of Northern California (PANC)

The Power Association of Northern California (PANC) held its annual spring seminar in San Francisco on 21 May 2013. NERA Senior Vice President Dr. W. David Montgomery joined a panel discussion on natural gas, which addressed the supply side market outlook for natural gas in North America; the process of a controversial drilling technique called hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking;" LNG exports; and health concerns with natural gas and impacts on fracturing to the environment. In addition, Dr. Elizabeth M. Bailey, Adjunct Professor at the U.C. Berkeley-Haas School of Business and Special Consultant to NERA, participated in a panel discussion on cap-and-trade emissions trading. The panelists discussed the impact that cap-and-trade will have on California's energy markets, power market operations, and contracts, including how restrictions on resource shuffling and holding limits, among other issues, may impact compliance.

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