Transfer Pricing in Italy

Pordenone, Italy
04 December 2013
Hosted By: Unione Idustriali Pordenone

In this seminar, co-organized by NERA and Chiomenti and hosted by Unione Idustriali Pordenone on 4 December 2013, Economic Analyst Marta Petrucci of NERA's Rome office, Vice President Sébastien Gonnet of NERA's Paris office, and former Affiliated Academic Dr. Carlo Scarpa presented an analysis of recent trends that have led to increased transfer pricing scrutiny by tax authorities around the world. Their presentation addressed the increased pace of intra-group trade, the current state of government finances, and political pressures arising from public perception. After discussing the fundamentals of transfer pricing, notably the role that economic analysis should play in the determination of an arm's length transfer pricing system for global companies, NERA  discussed in particular the issues faced by Italian-based multinational enterprises (MNEs). NERA then presented two case studies: one covering the use of economic analysis for the purpose of determining the product price of a plant to the distribution affiliates of the group, particularly in cases of under-utilization at the plant level; and one covering the remuneration of Italian headquarters of large MNEs.

NERA's presentation (in Italian) can be downloaded here.

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