The New Landscape of Securities Fraud Class Actions

Chicago, Illinois
24 October 2014
Hosted By: Loyola University Chicago School of Law

NERA Senior Vice Presidents Dr. Marcia Kramer Mayer and Dr. David Tabak were invited by Loyola University Chicago School of Law to share their insights on recent court decisions governing securities fraud class actions at the Annual Institute for Investor Protection Conference on 24 October 2014. This year’s symposium, The New Landscape of Securities Fraud Class Actions, was co-sponsored by Loyola University's Institute for Investor Protection and by the Institute for Law and Economic Policy. The conference explored a number of timely topics, including burdens of proof at the class certification stage, and alternatives to federal securities fraud actions through state court and opt-out litigation. Dr. Mayer and Dr. Tabak participated in a panel discussion entitled "Litigating the New Evidentiary Burdens: At the Class Certification Stage and Beyond." The conference concluded with a capstone address from Thomas Goldstein, who shared his reflections on the Supreme Court's evolving securities fraud case law.

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