The 12th Annual Comprehensive Conference on Energy in the Northeast: New Policies and Incentives; Innovative Projects and Changing Markets

Boston, MA or via webcast
28 September 2015 - 29 September 2015
Hosted By: Law Seminars International

The long-anticipated days of infrastructure need in the Northeast region have arrived, presenting new challenges to power grid operators, market participants, and state and federal regulators and policymakers. Changes are needed to the wholesale power markets, the infrastructure, and regulation to assure the needs of the region are satisfied on terms that consumers can accept. This conference will address recent and planned developments in energy infrastructure, markets, and law and regulation. During the event, NERA Vice President Kurt Strunk will present as part of a session entitled, “Options for New Utility Business Models and Cost Recovery Mechanisms.” Mr. Strunk’s presentation will cover trends in economic analysis and ratemaking policies in an era of low interest rates.  He will discuss the interplay between changing utility business models and strategies for approaching rate of return at the state and federal level.

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