Berlin Round Table: Latest Developments in State Aid Law

Berlin, Germany
24 June 2016
Hosted By: Berliner Gesprächskreis zum Europäischen Beihilferecht e.V.

The 29th Berlin Round Table focused on the latest developments in state aid law and the effects on the United Kingdom and Germany. NERA Director and Head of Competition Economics Europe Prof. Dr. Frank P. Maier-Rigaud discussed the "More Economic Approach" in state aid law in the context of a panel on the “Application of the Economic Approach in State Aid Law: Progress in Sight?”. Prof. Maier-Rigaud was joined by Christian Ahlborn (Linklaters) and Dr. Ulrich Soltész (Gleiss Lutz), among others. Other topics discussed at the round table included the review of state aid rules by the European courts, the securing of compliance by member states as well as the European Commission’s initiative against "aggressive tax planning" and its impact on Member States.

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