Electric Utility Ratemaking Conference

Las Vegas, NV
14 March 2016 - 15 March 2016
Hosted By: Law Seminars International

The Electric Utility Ratemaking conference, now in its twelfth year, brings together an exceptional faculty of lawyers, industry experts, and government officials who will examine and discuss current issues that drive the increasingly complex rate filings for regulated gas and electric companies. Changes to the generating mix caused by environmental concerns, the increased use of renewables, developments with storage, the increasing desire for customer choice, and the evolving power markets are creating new and more complex ratemaking issues. NERA Vice Presidents Amparo Nieto and Kurt G. Strunk will present as part of the session, “Rate Design Issues Arising from Customer Self-Generation: What are the Options and Optimal Solutions?” The session will provide an overview of economic policy options, including those that have been employed in the early-adopter states for self generation.

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