Berkeley-Tsinghua Forum on Transnational IP Litigation

Tsinghua University, School of Law, Beijing
04 December 2018
Hosted By: UC Berkeley, School of Law and Tsinghua University Law School

NERA Director Richard Eichmann will discuss the economic perspective of statutory, compensatory, and punitive damages at the 2018 Berkeley-Tsinghua Annual Forum on 4 December. This year’s theme is “Transnational IP Litigation: Opportunities and Challenges—Focus on US IP Litigation.” The forum will cover many topics, including cross-border litigation, patents and trademarks in the US and China, the role of expert witnesses, and litigation management in difficult times.

Mr. Eichmann has particular expertise in damages modeling, business valuation, econometrics, statistics, sampling, and survey research methods in industries, including the automotive, airline, credit card, financial, energy, gaming, and pharmaceutical. He excels at drawing meaningful conclusions from large disparate datasets.

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