Engaging an Economist on a Merger: Fundamentals of Antitrust Economics Series

25 June 2019
Hosted By: The Economics Committee and the Young Lawyers Division of the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Section

NERA Affiliated Academic Dr. Elizabeth Bailey will participate in a webinar examining when, where, and how to engage an economist in your pursuit or defense of complex antitrust analysis.

Dr. Bailey and fellow panelists will discuss the following questions:

  • When does it makes sense to engage an economist? Pre-deal? Post-announcement?
  • On a horizontal merger, how can an economist contribute to your matter? On a vertical merger? In a Second Request?
  • What are economic tools typically used in merger analysis that practitioners should be familiar with?
  • What are some of the strategic questions that come up when engaging an economist on a merger and which guideposts are useful in answering those questions?

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