Mexico Natural Gas Outlook 2019

06 February 2019
Hosted By: The Institute of the Americas

NERA Associate Director Veronica Irastorza and John B. McNeece III, a Senior Fellow at the Center for US-Mexican Studies, University of California, San Diego, will lead a webinar on Mexico’s natural gas outlook. As natural gas consumption has increased in Mexico over the last several years, imports from the United States have made up the difference as Mexico’s own production of natural gas has not kept up with demand. Last September, the Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos forecasted that, by 2030, Mexico would import 94% of all the natural gas it consumes. What are the availability and pricing risks associated with heavy reliance on imported natural gas? If the Mexican government seeks to reduce its dependence on imported natural gas, would transition to increased self-sufficiency present its own set of challenges?  

Ms. Irastorza and Mr. McNeece will share insights and analysis on issues relating to Mexico’s natural gas imports, associated availability and pricing risks, and the role of natural gas for energy self-sufficiency, as well as Mexico’s broader natural gas outlook and investment environment as the new year unfolds in Mexico. Their formal presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session with the audience.

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