9th Americas Spectrum Management Conference 2020

16 October 2020
Hosted By: Forum Vision

NERA Managing Director Richard Marsden will moderate the session titled “The changing shape of the C-band landscape—timelines and future plans across the region,” on Friday, 16 October 2020. The discussion will look at the varied approaches across North America for reallocation of C-band spectrum for mobile, and the concerns that may result with different bands, power levels, and types of use. More broadly, the session will examine the C-band configuration that is likely to emerge, expected timeframes, and the extent to which the bandwidth being made available for 5G will be sufficient to solve the scarcity issues in the mid-band.

The session is part of the 9th Americas Spectrum Management Conference 2020, taking place 12–16 October 2020. This year, the conference will provide an online platform for stakeholders to come together and discuss issues relating to the management and coordination of spectrum policy across the region.

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