Summit on Biosimilars & Innovator Biologics

23 September 2020 - 24 September 2020
Hosted By: ACI

Associate Director Dr. Sheng Li and former Senior Consultant Dr. Omar Robles will speak at the virtual ACI 11th Summit on Biosimilars & Innovator Biologics. Dr. Li will participate on the panel titled “Tracking Changes in the BPCIA Antitrust Ecosystem: Regulatory Enforcement, Litigation, Settlements and New Economic Considerations” on 24 September at 11:00 am EDT. He will cover the FTC’s increased interest in biosimilar settlements, potential antitrust implications of at-risk launches, and exclusivity and acceleration provisions.

Dr. Robles will speak on the panel titled, “Pre-Suit Exchanges and the BPCIA Tango: Production, Timing, and the Notice of Commercial Marketing” on 23 September at 3:00 pm EDT. Dr. Robles will address the contentions and controversies in the aBLA information exchange and analyze the biosimilar and innovator perspectives when deciding “whether to dance.”

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