16th Annual Paragraph IV Disputes Conference

New York, NY
09 November 2021 - 10 November 2021
Hosted By: ACI

Managing Director Dr. Christine Meyer and Director Dr. David Blackburn will speak at the 16th Annual Paragraph IV Disputes Conference on 9–10 November in New York. The conference will highlight the nuances of Hatch-Waxman regulation and litigation.

Dr. Blackburn will speak as part of the session called “The Future of Obviousness: Objective Indicia of Nonobviousness and Obviousness-Type Double Patenting” on 9 November at 1:30 pm EST. Panelists will analyze the impact of Immunex v. Sandoz (Fed. Cir. 2020) on the standard for determining common ownership in applying obviousness-type double patenting (OTDP) and outline the recent federal circuit and district court trends related to OTDP.

Dr. Meyer will participate in the session titled “Think Tank on State and Federal Antitrust Initiatives: Commercial Considerations for Patent Settlements, Reverse Payments, and Emerging Legislation” on 10 November at 1:15 pm EST. Panelists will highlight the state legislation directly addressing “reverse payment” patent settlements and review the proper standards of antitrust review.

NERA Economic Consulting is proud to sponsor this hybrid ACI Paragraph IV conference in New York.

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