4th Annual GCR Women in Antitrust

Washington, DC
04 November 2021
Hosted By: Global Competition Review

Associate Director Dr. Ling Ling Ang will participate in GCR’s Women in Antitrust Conference. Dr. Ang will moderate the session titled “What Are the Different Approaches Being Taken to Address Global Concerns About Big Tech?” at 12:20 pm EDT. Dr. Ang and fellow panelists will examine the following questions:

  • Which jurisdictions are likely to set the standards and potential impact on business models of online platforms and marketplaces? 
  • Does it make sense to regulate the digital sector and potentially a small number of “gatekeepers” separately and how will different regulators define the scope of their new powers?
  • Will the two tracks of new regulatory powers and active antitrust enforcement run in parallel or in conflict? 
  • What does the latest economic thinking tell us about the potential anticompetitive effects of the different types of behaviors being targeted by regulators and enforcers?

NERA Economic Consulting is proud to sponsor the hybrid GCR Women in Antitrust Conference in Washington, DC.

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