NABE Tech Economics Conference

08 November 2021 - 09 November 2021
Hosted By: NABE

Two NERA Economic Consulting experts will speak at the Fifth Annual NABE Tech Economics Conference (TEC2021), this year entitled “Economics in the Age of Algorithms, Experiments, and AI.” TEC2021 brings together economists, data scientists, and business leaders to discuss and demonstrate how applications of AI-based computing, machine learning, A/B testing, behavioral economics, and other tools impact businesses by improving customer experiences, enhancing efficiencies, and driving profitability.

Managing Director Dr. Christine Meyer will moderate the session “What Is the Value of Data to a Company?” on 8 November at 12:45 pm PST.

Consultant Dr. Yuyao Wang will participate in the session “Meet Recent Econ Hires in Tech” on 9 November at 11:00 am PST. Dr. Wang and panelists from LinkedIn and Wayfair will lead an interactive breakout on their journey to become economists.

NERA is proud to sponsor TEC2021.

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