Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis Conference 2021

22 March 2021
Hosted By: Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis

NERA Consultant Bharat Ramkrishnan delivered a presentation titled “Potential Air Quality Benefits of a Future Reduction in NOx Emissions from HDOH Vehicles” at the annual Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis conference on 22 March 2021. Mr. Ramkrishnan presented in the session “I Can See Clearly Now: Valuing Air Quality.”

Mr. Ramkrishnan presented an overview of a scoping approach used to develop estimates of average per-truck benefits associated with a 90% reduction in the current nitrogen oxide (NOx) federal test protocol (FTP) standard for heavy-duty on-highway (HDOH) trucks. The estimates presented were intended to indicate a maximum per-truck incremental cost that could pass a full benefit-cost analysis, if such a standard were to be implemented, as well as guide regulators toward regulatory proposals that would pass a BCA.  

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