Strengthening Your IA Case When Securities and Financial Economics Are at the Forefront

27 September 2021
Hosted By: New York International Arbitration Center (NYIAC)

Many high-profile international arbitration (IA) matters center on financial economics and on issues involving securities. In this presentation, NERA Managing Director Dr. Vinita Juneja and Associate Director Robert Patton will focus on examples of disputes that require securities and finance expertise and will discuss analyses used in these types of cases, how they were conducted, and the result in various representative engagements. They will present techniques and tools used to address both liability and quantum issues.

Dr. Juneja and Mr. Patton will take an in-depth look at:

  • Alleged expropriation of firms and financial institutions. Learn how experts apply valuation techniques;
  • Allocation of a settlement from an alleged “creeping expropriation” of a publicly traded firm, by way of a series of government measures that reduced shareholder value. Get insider knowledge on how experts use event studies and other techniques to allocate assets; and
  • Financial asset valuation. Understand the financial expert’s toolbox used to value assets involving forex, mortgage prepayments, risk-free rate data and more. 

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