Tale of Two Complaints: Facebook Antitrust Lawsuits

21 April 2021
Hosted By: American Bar Association

NERA Associate Director Dr. Stephanie Demperio will provide economic insights into the two government-led antitrust challenges against Facebook at the American Bar Association’s “Tale of Two Complaints: Facebook Antitrust Lawsuits” webinar on 21 April at 1:30 pm EDT. The panel will discuss lawsuits by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and 46 states against Facebook while reflecting on the broader function of antitrust in big tech.

Dr. Demperio has over a decade of experience conducting antitrust economic research, including in merger investigations and in litigation. She has presented economic evidence before antitrust authorities in the US and UK and has supported expert testimony in courts in the US, Canada, and UK. Her expertise will give great insight into the economics of theories of harm related to the FTC’s and states’ respective complaints of anticompetitive acquisitions and platform conduct.

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