8th Annual World Life Sciences Conference

04 June 2022
Hosted By: International Bar Association (IBA)

In December 2021, the European Union adopted a regulation on health technology assessment with the objectives of facilitating cooperation in the field and fostering business predictability. Recently, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) has presented a discussion document on equity-based tiered pricing.

With various authorities in the EU continuing to sponsor actions that ensure the stringency of competition in the pharmaceutical market is kept, what place will there be for transparency?

In a roundtable session on 4 June as 8:40 CEST, Associate Director Dr. Alexandre Carbonnel will participate in the 8th Annual World Life Sciences Conference hosted by the International Bar Association in a session titled “International Transparency and Cooperation for Pricing/Reimbursement.”

Accompanied by moderators Faus & Moliner Partner Jordi Faus and Altius Partner Christophe Ronse—as well as speakers Van Bael Bellis Partner Peter L’Ecluse, Alexion Pharmaceuticals Senior Director Sarah Marshall, and Amgen Senior Counsel Nicolas Pourbaix—the panel will discuss the recent initiatives in the field of cooperation for pricing/reimbursement of medicines and how this may be affected by international transparency.

The panel will attempt to discuss how transparency reconciles with competition issues and how competitors can navigate the process of exchanging information on sensitive matters. The panel will also provide a multifaceted perspective on how transparency may impact prices.

The event will take place at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris.

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