Communications Experts at NERA Explore Impacts of Industry Convergence in New Book Focused on the Communications Market in Asia

25 May 2006

How will the trend of convergence in communications of formerly separated technologies and services in many parts of the world affect operators, consumers, and the legal and regulatory frameworks that define the competitive landscape?

Two senior experts in NERA Economic Consulting's Communications Practice, Mr. Christian Dippon and Dr. Timothy Tardiff, examine the driving forces behind this trend and its resulting impact on regulation and antitrust analyses in a new publication.

In the latest edition of The Preston Gates Guide to Telecommunications in Asia, published annually by leading global communications law firm Preston Gates, the authors share their observations gained during nearly 40 years of combined industry experience in the opening chapter, "The Implications of Convergence in Telecommunications."

"Customers are the driving force behind fixed-mobile convergence, with increasingly mobile lifestyles and demands for advanced telecoms services requiring flexible communication concepts," remarked Mr. Dippon. "Converged networks offer customers a 'one stop shop' for all communication needs, offering discounted prices and consolidated bills, and adding further convenience, functionality, and budget control for customers."

In their chapter, Mr. Dippon and Dr. Tardiff observe that many issues in the telecommunications industry will need to be revisited as a result of the effects of convergence, including proper definitions of relevant economic markets for converged communication services, accurate assessments of market power, and effective regulation of formerly dominant carriers' retail services.

As Dr. Tardiff notes, "Convergence, whether restricted to fixed and mobile services or more generally, has a fundamental impact on current regulatory economics. As competition emerges from firms employing newer technologies, such as wireless and VoIP, questions arise over whether the mandatory availability of unbundled elements should continue and whether the incumbent telecom providers are still dominant in retail markets."

Other topics addressed in The Preston Gates Guide to Telecommunications in Asia include current issues and opportunities in the telecommunications industry, emerging opportunities in the IPTV market, growing copyright concerns within the industry, and the legal and regulatory developments that affect the telecommunications sector in the US and key Asian markets.

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