Economics of Antitrust: Complex Issues in a Dynamic Economy -- A New Book from NERA Economic Consulting

31 May 2007

White Plains, NY/31 May 2007 -- A new book from NERA Economic Consulting, a leading global economic consulting firm, takes a fresh look at many of the most interesting and current topics in antitrust and competition policy. The basic issues that confront the courts and the antitrust enforcement agencies may sound familiar, but in the dynamic world in which we live, the stakes are usually high and the legal and economic debate often takes us into unexplored territory.

Economics of Antitrust: Complex Issues in a Dynamic Economy examines a broad range of hotly-contested topics in three key areas of competition policy: anticompetitive foreclosure and exclusionary conduct, mergers and acquisitions, and antitrust liability and damages.

The second book in NERA's Economics of Antitrust series, Economics of Antitrust: Complex Issues in a Dynamic Economy is a compilation of 16 articles and case studies from the internationally recognized expert economists at NERA.

"The basic business practices and conduct that raise competitive issues have not changed in decades, but the analysis that is accepted by judges and juries and applied by antitrust enforcement agencies around the world has changed," said Lawrence Wu, editor of Economics of Antitrust. "Modern antitrust analysis is sophisticated, challenging, and complex, and this book describes how solid economic reasoning can clarify our thinking and understanding of the issues."

The book illustrates the complexity of modern antitrust analysis, using practical examples and case studies from a variety of industries, including telecommunications and pharmaceuticals, to highlight several important themes:

  • the importance of understanding the economic rationale behind a certain business practice or a proposed acquisition when assessing the ultimate impact of that practice or transaction on consumers
  • the importance of considering both the short- and long-term competitive implications of a transaction or business practice in an antitrust assessment
  • the need to appreciate the regulatory, legislative, and other unique circumstances that may affect the competitive dynamics of the market at issue

Economics of Antitrust: Complex Issues in Dynamic Economy is required reading for attorneys, government regulators, economists, academicians, students, and others seeking a full understanding of complex issues in the antitrust field and the economic analysis that is and can be applied to address some of the most important and challenging questions in competition policy today.

Economics of Antitrust: Complex Issues in Dynamic Economy is available at and with a cover price of $29.95.

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