NERA Economic Consulting Announces Six Officer-Level Promotions

09 August 2007

NEW YORK -- NERA Economic Consulting is pleased to announce the following officer-level promotions:

Dante Quaglione has been promoted to Associate Director; and Dana Heller, Graeme Hunter, Ronald Miller, G. Steven Olley, and Shuchi Satwah have been promoted to Vice President.

Dr. Dante Quaglione, based in NERA's Rome office, specializes in economic regulation and the analysis of financial market fundamentals. His work has involved both the European authorities and regulated companies. Recent projects in the telecommunications, electricity, gas, and transport sectors include addressing regulatory accounting, costing and finance issues, price setting of regulated services, and the modeling of market equilibria. Dr. Quaglione has conducted in-depth analyses examining the economic fundamentals of single-listed companies, as well as the entire US and European financial markets, and has analyzed the labor market implications of the adoption of revolutionary technologies.

Dr. Dana Heller is a member of the Securities and Finance Practice working from New York City and Tel Aviv. She has worked on civil and criminal litigation related to market surveillance on national and regional exchanges, litigation involving mutual funds (addressing issues of competition, profitability, services, and fees), broker-customer disputes, and business valuations. Dr. Heller has also worked and published on securities class actions, analyzing issues of market efficiency, reliance, materiality, and damages. In addition, she has researched and testified on valuations of employee stock options. In product liability cases, Dr. Heller has estimated the value of future personal injury claims associated with asbestos, chemical spill, and pharmaceuticals in connection with bankruptcy proceedings, corporate risk management, and insurance coverage disputes.

Dr. Graeme Hunter is a member of NERA's Antitrust Practice, where his work focuses on analysis of the competitive effects of mergers and the effects of alleged anticompetitive behavior, assessing liability and damages. Based in NERA's New York City office, he has conducted research, prepared analyses, and contributed to litigation involving a broad range of market power issues, including price fixing, bid rigging, tying, and predatory pricing. He has also analyzed issues related to class certification. His experience spans a number of industries including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, heath care, software, specialty steel, chemicals, retail clothing, and printing presses.

Dr. Ronald Miller, based in NERA's New York City office, provides litigation support in the areas of securities, product liability, complex commercial damages, and antitrust. He has worked on securities class actions, consumer credit, forecasts of asbestos liabilities, product liability forecasting, merger-related litigation, valuation, and mutual fund trading and fees. He has published research on the economic and statistical properties of securities litigation. His particular expertise resides in applied and theoretical econometric modeling, as well as probability theory and game theory. He has published peer-reviewed research in all of these areas.

Dr. G. Steven Olley specializes in the application of economic theory and econometric techniques to the study of competition and antitrust. Based in New York City, he has provided research and analysis related to price fixing, price discrimination, contract disputes, complex commercial litigation, and the competitive effects of mergers and acquisitions. Dr. Olley has analyzed competition in a variety of industries including auto parts distribution; steel manufacturing; health care; linen supply; heavy duty diesel engines; refined petroleum products production, transportation, and distribution; and human resource management systems and payroll processing software.

Shuchi Satwah, CPA, MBA, based in NERA's Washington, DC office, specializes in providing securities and financial markets litigation support and risk management advisory services. She also has expertise in valuation and accounting for derivatives. Ms. Satwah has directed numerous cases and has extensive experience in handling all aspects of derivatives litigation support engagements. Her litigation support work has involved issues ranging from alleged tax strategies in structured deals, to mutual fund fees, manipulation of commodity markets, and broker-customer disputes. She is experienced in reviewing and analyzing trading strategies of hedge funds, operation of derivatives desks, and portfolios managed by broker-dealers for wealthy individuals. On risk management projects, Ms. Satwah focuses on identifying and evaluating risk management products and solutions for commercial firms.

NERA Economic Consulting (, founded in 1961 as National Economic Research Associates, is a unit of the Oliver Wyman Group, an MMC company.

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