NERA Publishes Chinese Edition of Book Analyzing the Economics of Intellectual Property

19 January 2011

New York -- NERA Economic Consulting announced today the publication of the Chinese edition of Economic Issues in Intellectual Property: Litigation, Policy, and Management. The book is co-edited by NERA Senior Vice Presidents Dr. Gregory K. Leonard and Dr. Lauren J. Stiroh, with a preface written by Chief Justice Kong Xiangjun of the Supreme People's Court of China.
Economists have expertise in analyzing value and market outcomes. Many of the important issues that arise with respect to intellectual property (IP) involve a question of the IP's value -- such as damages in infringement litigation, royalties in licensing negotiations, and the purchase price in M&A involving a company with a strong IP portfolio -- or the effects of IP on market outcomes, such as in antitrust disputes. When confronted by such questions, companies and government agencies can often obtain valuable advice from an economist. This book illustrates the role that economic analysis can play.
For the Chinese edition, several chapters were added or substantially revised as compared to the 2005 English edition. Specifically, the NERA co-editors provide an introduction to the economist's role with respect to IP (Chapter 1); Dr. Alan Cox, Senior Vice President, updates his research on damage awards in IP litigation in China (Chapter 2); Senior Consultant  Dr. Sourav Chatterjee, Vice President Christian Dippon, and Senior Consultant Dr. Mario Lopez summarize IP laws in various other jurisdictions in Asia (Chapter 4); and Senior Consultant Dr. Fei Deng and Dr. Leonard write about the intersection between China's Antimonopoly Law and IP rights (Chapter 3). Other NERA contributors to the book include Dr. Phil Beutel, Sarah Butler, Dr. Eugene Eriksen, Dr. Thomas McCarthy, Dr. Christine Siegwarth Meyer, Dr. Richard Rapp, Bryan Ray, Dr. Ramsey Shehadeh, and Dr. Lawrence Wu.
"NERA is particularly pleased and honored to have the preface for the Chinese edition written by Chief Justice Kong, who is the head of the IP Division of the Supreme People's Court," said Senior Vice President and co-editor Dr. Gregory K. Leonard.

The publisher is Law Press China. For information on ordering copies of Economic Issues in Intellectual Property: Litigation, Policy, and Management, please visit the publisher's website:

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