NERA Announces Appointment of New Practice Chairs

25 March 2013

New York -- NERA Economic Consulting, a leading global provider of economic advice and analysis in business, legal, and regulatory matters, announced today the appointment of three new practice chairs.

In NERA's Intellectual Property Practice, Dr. Alan Cox has been named Practice Chair. Dr. Cox replaces Dr. Phillip Beutel, who was recently named as NERA's Chief Operating Officer. In the Global Transfer Pricing Practice, Dr. Emmanuel Llinares has been named Practice Chair. His predecessor, Dr. Harlow Higinbotham, remains with the firm as a Senior Vice President. In the firm's Global Securities and Finance Practice, Dr. Patrick Conroy has been appointed Chair. He replaces Dr. Marcia Kramer Mayer, who also remains with the firm as a Senior Vice President.

"On behalf of all of us at NERA, I would like to thank Phil, Harlow, and Marcia for their exceptional service to the firm as practice chairs," said NERA President Dr. Lawrence Wu. "They have all been instrumental in building their respective practices into the global leaders they are today. I look forward to working with Alan, Emmanuel, and Pat in continuing and building on their great work."

Practice Chairs

Dr. Alan Cox, Senior Vice President and Chair of NERA's Intellectual Property Practice, has testified on a wide variety of patent issues in the semiconductor, biotechnology, telecommunications, software, consumer products, and other industries. He has also testified on trademark, copyright, and trade secret matters, and in matters related to standards and patent pools. In arbitrations he has appeared before the NASD, the American Arbitration Association, and the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association. Before joining NERA in 1988, his previous positions include Visiting Economist at MIT's Energy Laboratory. He holds a PhD in economic analysis and policy from the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.
Dr. Emmanuel Llinares, Director and Chair of NERA's Global Transfer Pricing Practice, specializes in inter-company pricing, valuation, and intellectual property analyses. For a number of years, he has advised multinational companies on defining and implementing their intra-group pricing policies and has assisted them with design, documentation, and tax audit defense. Dr. Llinares also assists clients in the context of commercial or intellectual property-related litigations.  Prior to joining NERA in 2005, Dr. Llinares was an economist with Arthur Andersen in London and with the KPMG Tax network in Paris. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Delaware and the University of Lyon.

Dr. Patrick Conroy, Senior Vice President and Chair of NERA's Global Securities and Finance Practice, specializes in economic analysis of securities and finance issues. His work at NERA has included expert testimony and consulting involving securities fraud, mutual and hedge fund trading, exchange-traded funds, securities lending, broker-dealer disputes, derivatives, leases, swaps, and private equity valuation disputes. He has also provided opinions on damages in bribery cases under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act. Prior to joining NERA in 2001, Dr. Conroy was an economist with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Miami. 


About NERA

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