NERA Economic Consulting Announces Senior-Level Promotions

27 February 2020

New York—NERA Economic Consulting, a leading global provider of economic advice and analysis in business, legal, and regulatory matters, is pleased to announce that Juley Carey, Richard Eichmann, and Dr. Subramaniam (Subbu) Ramanarayanan have been promoted to Managing Director, and Jorge Baez and Philip de Homont have been promoted to Director. In addition, Dr. Stephanie Demperio, Dr. Garrett Glasgow, Dr. Samantha Iyengar, Ralph Meghames, Clara Segurola, and Healey Whitsett have been made Associate Directors, and Dr. Emily Walden is now a Senior Consultant.

Managing Director

Julie Carey is an energy economist who regularly provides expert evidence in energy-related commercial and regulatory disputes, as well as in international arbitrations. She has 25 years of experience addressing economic issues in oil and gas, coal, power, renewables, pipelines, and railroad sectors. Ms. Carey helps clients with issues related to energy market dynamics, competition, manipulation, energy contracts, economic damages, valuations, regulatory economics, macroeconomic analyses, and environmental assessments. Ms. Carey is an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University, where she teaches energy economics and policy in the graduate economics program. Ms. Carey is recommended as a leading energy expert by Who’s Who Legal (2019), where she is lauded as an “impressive, creative, and efficient” economist by clients.

Richard Eichmann is a Managing Director in NERA’s Intellectual Property Practice with expertise in damages modeling, business valuation, econometrics, statistics, sampling, and survey research methods. He excels at drawing meaningful conclusions from large, disparate datasets. Mr. Eichmann’s quantitative skillset has been applied in the calculation of economic damages in commercial litigation in a variety of industries, including the automotive, airline, credit card, financial, energy, gaming, and pharmaceutical industries. Mr. Eichmann has filed expert reports in federal court on the application of statistical methods, sampling, survey design, business valuation, and econometrics as they pertain to the calculation of damages and lost profits. He has provided arbitration, deposition, and trial testimony in a range of intellectual property disputes and securities litigation. 

Dr. Subramaniam (Subbu) Ramanarayanan is a New York City-based member of NERA’s Antitrust and Competition and Health Care Practices. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Competitive Strategy at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. Dr. Ramanarayanan specializes in advising clients on antitrust reviews of proposed mergers and acquisitions before the federal antitrust agencies across a variety of settings in health care, including hospital services, health insurance, physician services, group purchasing organizations, dialysis services, pharmaceuticals distribution, and benefits management services. Dr. Ramanarayanan is an award-winning MBA professor and teaches courses on business strategy and modules on health care strategy to MBA students and executives at UCLA.


Jorge Baez specializes in providing expert economic advice in the areas of financial economics, valuation, international arbitration, and securities and commercial litigation. Mr. Baez’s testimony and advisory work has involved the analysis of equity, bond, option, swap, and futures trading, as well as issues relating to hedge funds, mutual funds, and pension funds. He has analyzed issues relevant to class certification, materiality, loss causation, and damages in dozens of securities and ERISA class actions and estimated damages and lost profits in merger, bankruptcy, and breach of contract cases. Mr. Baez has provided expert testimony at trials in US Federal District Court, and in Spanish and Swiss courts, in addition to presenting to government regulators in the US and Mexico.

Philip de Homont is an expert in transfer pricing and intellectual property valuation. He specializes in transfer pricing litigation support for international corporations and law firms. His passion is to prepare clear and concise reports for complex cases based on rigorous analysis. Mr. de Homont has extensive experience in defending licensing and valuation arrangements for intangibles. His recent cases covered transactions from brand licenses, profit splits for local distribution and sales companies, and the valuation of user data and relocations of functions. In the digital economy, he has introduced novel approaches for separating market and user intangibles from technical engineering and established methods to value platform intangibles.

Associate Director

Dr. Stephanie Demperio conducts economic analysis in antitrust and intellectual property matters. She has evaluated the competitive effects of mergers, analyzed antitrust claims and damages in monopolization and predatory pricing cases, and calculated lost profits and reasonable royalty damages in patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret infringement cases. Her experience spans the pharmaceuticals, apparel, commodities, auto, telecommunications, and food products industries.

Dr. Garrett Glasgow is a San Francisco-based member of NERA’s Intellectual Property Practice. He is an expert in econometric, survey, and statistical techniques. He specializes in damage calculations across a broad range of practice areas, including consumer privacy, consumer protection, antitrust, intellectual property, and environmental damage and regulation.

Dr. Samantha Iyengar is a member of NERA’s Intellectual Property Practice specializing in survey research, survey design and application, sampling, sample design and estimation, data management, and statistical analysis. She applies her expertise to matters involving class action, intellectual property, and other litigation, as well as market research and criminal justice issues in intellectual property, and environmental damage and regulation.

Ralph Meghames is an economist in NERA’s Transfer Pricing, Intellectual Property, and Valuation Practices, based in Paris. Mr. Meghames’ work spans a wide range of industries for which he provides assistance in the context of advisory services, litigation, and international arbitration. He has extensive experience designing and implementing complex systems and models driving the allocation of profits at multinational companies. 

Clara Segurola is a London-based expert in NERA’s International Arbitration Practice. She is a financial economist with more than 13 years of professional experience. Ms. Segurola provides analysis and expert testimony on damages, valuation, and economic issues arising in international commercial and investor-state disputes.

Healey Whitsett is a Washington, DC-based member of NERA’s Intellectual Property Practice. She specializes in survey research and methodology, statistical sampling, and custom data analysis. Ms. Whitsett applies her expertise across a wide range of litigation matters, including those involving trademark, trade dress, false advertising, mass torts, and antitrust.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Emily Walden is an economist in NERA’s Antitrust and Competition Practice, based in Washington, DC. She has experience assessing the competitive effects of proposed mergers and acquisitions in a wide range of industries, including health care, oil and gas, and retail markets. Dr. Walden has also authored and spoken on antitrust topics affecting these industries.

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