Financial Institutions and Banking

The credit crisis has had profound consequences for financial market participants, precipitating bank failures, litigation, and regulatory reform. Institutions with subprime exposures remain embroiled in litigation, but problems for financial institutions and banks went beyond subprime finance to affect their wider operations. Some directors and officers at the helm of institutions that failed now face FDIC suits. More generally, changes in regulation and supervision of financial services are affecting institutions across the board. Complying with these new regulations requires significant changes in the way financial services firms operate.

NERA works with financial institutions in both litigation and business contexts, providing economic and financial consulting and expert testimony. Our finance experts have had hands-on experience working at government regulatory bodies such as the Federal Reserve, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the International Monetary Fund, and the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets. NERA experts have also worked for leading financial services firms, including Bank of America, Barclays, Banque Paribas, CS First Boston, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. NERA’s experience and expertise make the firm a leader in the core capabilities that are critical to helping financial institutions operate in the new competitive environment and manage emerging regulatory and enforcement challenges.
NERA assists with issues surrounding:

  • Risk management practices
  • Valuation of financial products including complex derivatives and securities, regulatory examinations and investigations
  • FDIC professional liability litigation against failed bank directors and officers
  • Securities litigation
  • Complex commercial disputes
  • Forensic accounting, including proper application of accounting rules
  • Bankruptcy

We provide advice and training, including design and implementation of models needed to comply with rules and regulations, assessments of business lines and functions before regulatory examinations, and assistance to firms in responding to examinations.

Name Title Location Phone Email
Lucy P. Allen Managing Director New York City +1 212 345 5913
Tsvetan Beloreshki Managing Director New York City +1 212 345 5409
Dr. Patrick Conroy Managing Director Miami
New York City
+305 341 5025
+1 212 345 1466
Tomas Haug Managing Director Berlin
+49 30 700 1506 10
+32 2 282 4340
Dr. Vinita Juneja Managing Director
Chair of NERA's White Collar, Investigations and Enforcement Practice
New York City
+1 212 345 3148
+44 20 7659 8618
+1 416 868 7314
Dr. Denise Neumann Martin Managing Director Miami +1 305 808 7880
James Mellsop Managing Director
Chair of NERA's Global Antitrust and Competition Practice
+64 9 928 3290
+64 4 819 2550
+61 2 8864 6536
Dr. Faten Sabry Managing Director
Chair of NERA's Global Securities and Finance Practice
Bankruptcy Practice Chair
New York City
+1 212 345 3285
+44 20 7659 8618
Dr. David Tabak Managing Director New York City +1 212 345 2176
Adam Warren Managing Director Chicago +1 (312) 573-2821
Dr. Ling Ling Ang Director Washington, DC
+1 202 466 9259
+312 573 2827
Jorge Baez Director Miami
New York City
Mexico City
+1 305 341 5060
+1 212 345 5753
+52 55 9628 7550
Dr. Arturo Gonzalez Associate Director San Francisco +1 415 291 1068
Ralph Meghames Associate Director Paris
+33 1 70 75 01 89
+39 02 305771
Amanda Pletz Associate Director London
+44 20 7659 8528
+33 1 70 75 01 85
+41 22 819 94 94
Gary Napadov Senior Consultant Chicago +1 312 573 2850
Ivelina Velikova Senior Consultant New York City +1 212 345 1160
Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska Affiliated Consultant Washington, DC +1 202 466 3510
Dr. Andrew Carron Affiliated Consultant New York City
+1 212 345 5407
+44 20 7659 8500
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