Financial Risk Management

As risk management has become a critical part of strategic planning, businesses are recognizing the need to evaluating the “risk landscape” of their firm in the aggregate, rather than just measuring and managing individual risks one at a time. With extensive professional experience in risk analysis and risk management techniques, NERA's Financial Risk Management experts are well versed in modeling, analyzing, and communicating the effects of combined risks to financial and non-financial institutions. Our experts assist clients in measuring individual risk exposures and aggregating these risks across risk factors and business units, taking into account correlations and diversification effects, to measure their combined effect on performance measures such as earnings-at-risk or cash-flow-at-risk. Clients benefit by having an improved quantification of the risks they face, a better assessment of the impact of their risk transfer activities -- hedging and insurance -- on their overall risk, more precise contingency planning, and more accurate budgeting and financial planning.

NERA experts are recognized as thought leaders in the field of risk management, and have a distinct ability to evaluate the trends that are likely to represent the best practices of tomorrow. NERA's experts have assisted various industry bodies, such as the Group of Thirty, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, and the Treasury Management Association, in developing risk management principles and evaluating best practices.

Name Title Location Phone Email
Tsvetan Beloreshki Managing Director New York City +1 212 345 5409
Dr. Denise Neumann Martin Managing Director Miami +1 305 808 7880
Dr. Faten Sabry Managing Director
Chair of NERA's Global Securities and Finance Practice
Bankruptcy Practice Chair
New York City
+1 212 345 3285
+44 20 7659 8618
Dr. David Tabak Managing Director New York City +1 212 345 2176
Adam Warren Managing Director Chicago +1 (312) 573-2821
Dr. Airat Chanyshev Associate Director New York City +1 212 345 7336
Drew Claxton Associate Director New York City +1 212 345 3442
Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska Affiliated Consultant Washington, DC +1 202 466 3510
Dr. Andrew Carron Affiliated Consultant New York City
+1 212 345 5407
+44 20 7659 8500
Jonathan Falk Affiliated Consultant New York City +1 212 345 5315
Title Type Author
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How Will the LIBOR Transition Affect Mortgage Consumers? White Paper Dr. Faten Sabry, Dr. Ignacio Franceschelli, and Ramisa Roya
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