Financial Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management

With the advent of globalization, every multinational firm must have a complete, objective picture of risk exposure across all business units in order to make informed decisions about its financial welfare. In this era of unprecedented corporate pressures, it is no longer sufficient to merely react to risks as they develop; instead, firms must actively identify and measure these risks before they become a problem.

Indeed, a company's ability to effectively manage increasingly complex financial, legal, and operational risks often means the difference between success and failure. From a Fortune 500 conglomerate to a small firm in an emerging economy, companies must develop modern and robust risk management strategies or face potentially dire consequences.

With extensive professional experience in risk analysis and risk management techniques used by multinational firms worldwide, NERA is well versed in modeling, analyzing, and communicating the effects of combined or individual risks. NERA economists approach risk from a portfolio point of view, a process in which risk analysis, management, communication, and hedging strategy design may all benefit from the natural hedges that already exist in a firm’s portfolio.

Our experts evaluate our clients' operations and risk management needs, quantifying key risks and performing a gap analysis of current practices against best practices in the industry. We then present our findings in detailed reports and fact-based recommendations to senior managers and shareholders.

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Lucy P. Allen Senior Managing Director New York City +1 212 345 5913
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