Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing Documentation

Transfer Pricing Documentation

NERA's approach to transfer pricing documentation aims to combine compliance-oriented and policy-guiding approaches by developing intercompany pricing policies grounded in sound business strategy and well-established economic principles. Our thorough analysis of the industry structure and its value chain combined with rigorous analytical methodologies and clear presentation of the results allow us to develop transfer pricing solutions that meet both our clients’ business objectives and the arm’s length requirements imposed by national tax authorities.

Masterfile Documentation

A "masterfile" approach to transfer pricing documentation is a practical and cost-efficient solution for MNCs with operations in a group of countries that follow a common set of transfer pricing principles, such as those outlined in the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines or in the Pacific Association of Tax Administrators documentation requirements.

Best practices in creating masterfiles combine the centralized approach to documentation development with information gathering and review at the local level. NERA’s global network of transfer pricing experts provides MNCs with the capabilities to utilize our extensive data resources to implement this robust approach.

FIN 48 Support

FASB Interpretation No. 48 (FIN 48) outlines procedures for recognition and measurement of uncertain tax positions in order to record them on financial statements. In a transfer pricing context, the tax benefits are often considered equivalent to the lack of increased income recognition in a given country resulting from transfer pricing adjustments imposed by the local tax authorities. Transfer pricing has a significant impact on FIN 48 disclosures of MNCs.

NERA assists clients with several aspects of FIN 48 implementation including:

  • Reviewing intercompany transactions to determine the appropriate units of account and material income tax positions, and to create appropriate recognition and measurement methods.
  • Providing advice on audit policies and administrative procedures followed by the tax authorities in different countries.
  • Preparing transfer pricing documentation to inform management’s opinion that the tax position will "more likely than not" be sustained upon examination.
  • Setting up measurement procedures that involve calculating the amount of tax benefits related to transfer pricing, projecting alternative outcomes that might be realized in resolving the position, calculating probabilities of realization of each outcome, and cumulative probability analyses.
  • Creating an implementation process to update FIN 48 analysis on a quarterly and annual basis.
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Head of Global Transfer Pricing
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Pim Fris Affiliated Consultant Brussels
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Dr. Alexander Voegele Affiliated Consultant Frankfurt +49 69 710 447 501
Title Type Author
NERA Experts Comment on Digital Economy Discussion Paper by Australian Treasury Regulatory Filing Dr. Emmanuel Llinares, Dr. Harlow Higinbotham, Sébastien Gonnet, Dr. Vladimir Starkov
The Rising Role of Transfer Pricing in Tax Planning and Litigation Published Article Philip de Homont
Forum: Taxation of Intangible Assets Published Article Emmanual Llinares, Harlow Higinbotham, and Yves Hervé
Using statistical analysis to improve TNMM Published Article Yves Hervé and Philip de Homont
DEMPE Analysis for CUP Studies Published Article Yves Hervé and Philip de Homont
Bloomberg Tax Transfer Pricing Forum Published Article Alexander Voegele and Tom Braukman
Comments on OECD Discussion Draft on the Revised Guidance on Profit Splits Regulatory Filing Emmanuel Llinares, Harlow Higinbotham, Nihan Mert-Beydilli, and Vladimir Starkov
Recent Developments on the Profit Split Method Book Sébastien Gonnet
Apple and the CCCTB: Can the European Commission Have Both? Published Article By Dr. Emmanuel Llinares and Guillaume Madelpuech
Economic Analysis for Developing Countries—Comments on the IMF, OECD, UN, and World B... Regulatory Filing By Dr. Vladimir Starkov, Sébastien Gonnet, and Guillaume Madelpuech