NERA Economic Consulting is a leader in providing clear, independent, robust economic advice to the transport sector. We are experts in economic regulation and advise on industry restructuring, institutional structures, and the design and implementation of regulatory reform.  We have designed regulatory frameworks in advance of major privatizations and we help regulated firms, regulators, and other stakeholders, both during price cap reviews and when dealing with other issues arising from the implementation of economic regulation.  

NERA is a global leader in the application of access charging, and we have carried out many major projects on both charging principles and the detailed impact of specific parts of the incentive framework. Our experts also assist government bodies in developing public policy in the transport sector, and are renowned for our extensive experience in appraisal and evaluation methodologies. We use a wide variety of economic techniques, including econometric analysis and sophisticated spreadsheet models, for a variety of purposes such as cost and pricing analysis, forecasting, or modeling.
NERA's work covers all areas of the transport sector where the rigorous application of microeconomic principles and techniques can lead to better outcomes. We help transport operators and their associations, governments, governmental bodies, international agencies and regulators. We frequently work in collaboration with bankers, lawyers, public affairs consultants, transport planners, engineers, and other technical specialists.
Our experts have extensive experience in the rail, aviation, urban transport, and maritime industries and regularly address sector-wide issues. Our European Transport Group, part of NERA's global Energy, Environment, Communications, & Internet Practice, is based in London and works closely with staff in NERA's other European offices. We work in conjunction with experts in NERA's global network of offices to provide extensive transport sector experience to our clients worldwide.

Name Title Location Phone Email
Tomas Haug Managing Director Berlin +49 30 700 1506 10
Dr. Richard Hern Managing Director London
+44 20 7659 8582
+49 30 700 1506 01
Prof. Dr. Frank P. Maier-Rigaud Managing Director
Head of Competition Economics Europe
+49 30 700 1506 80
+32 2 674 8818
+33 1 70 75 0180
Dr. Jeff D. Makholm Managing Director Boston +1 617 927 4540
James Mellsop Managing Director Auckland
+64 9 928 3290
+64 4 819 2550
+61 2 8864 6536
George Anstey Director London +44 20 7659 8630
Julie M. Carey Director Washington, DC +1 202 466 9203
Richard Druce Director London +44 20 7659 8540
Daniel Hanson Director London +44 (0)207 659 8812
Daniel Radov Director London +44 20 7659 8744
Dominik Hübler Associate Director Berlin
+49 30 700 1506 20
+44 20 7659 8504
Dr. Laura T. W. Olive Associate Director Boston +1 617 927 4588
Dr. William S. Taylor Associate Director Auckland
+64 9 928 3292
+61 2 8864 6535
Dr. Alexandre Carbonnel Senior Consultant/Principal Paris
+33 1 70 75 01 60
+32 2 674 8815
Leen Dickx Senior Consultant/Principal London
+44 20 76598818
+39 345 2832326
Ralph Meghames Principal Paris
+33 1 70 75 01 89
+39 02 305771
Dr. Janusz Mrozek Senior Consultant Washington, DC +1 202 466 9239
Dr. C.-Philipp Heller Consultant Berlin +49 30 700 1506 94
Dr. Lewis Evans Affiliated Academic Wellington +64 4 474 1320
Prof. Dr. Marc Ivaldi Affiliated Academic Paris
+33 1 70 75 01 90
+32 2 282 4340
+44 20 7659 8500
Michael Spackman Affiliated Consultant London +44 20 7659 8660
Title Type Author
Transport and Infrastructure - What to watch in 2019 Published Article Daniel Hanson
Congestion Pricing: A Mechanism Design Approach Published Article Dr. C.-Philipp Heller with Johannes Johnen and Sebastian Schmitz
Why PFI Holds No Lessons for Utility Regulation White Paper By Sean Gammons, Richard Druce, and James Grayburn
Squaring the Circle: What the Air Traffic Control Sector Can and Cannot Learn from Ot... White Paper Dominik Huebler and Arjun Dasgupta
La Regulación de la Economía Colaborativa (Regulation of the Sharing Economy) Book By Bruno Soria
The Development of Road and Rail Transport Safety Valuation in the United Kingdom Published Article By Michael Spackman with Michael Jones-Lee, Emeritus Professor at Newcastle University Business School
Representing International Business Impacts in Transport Appraisal Report By Michael Spackman et al.
Framework for Evaluation of the 2003 Air Transport White Paper Report By Michael Spackman et al.
Impact of Proposed New Charge for Freight Only Lines on Demand for ESI Coal Report By Sean Gammons et al.
The Decline in Bus Services in English PTE Areas: The Quest for a Solution Report By James Grayburn et al.