Review of the Australian Postal Corporation Act

30 December 1998

As part of the National Competition Policy Agreements signed in 1995, the Commonwealth and State Governments agreed to review all legislation which contains provisions which restrict competition. The Australia Post Act is one of the pieces of Commonwealth legislation that is covered by this agreement.

For each of the legislation reviews, there will be some specific factors which need to be taken into account. With Australia Post, these factors have included the social responsibilities of Australia Post, its role in the communications infrastructure and its effects on other parts of the sector and the community.

While some competitive restrictions perform a necessary function, such as protecting people from dangerous products, other restrictions may have been put in place for reasons which no longer hold. The agreement sets out some guiding principles for the legislation reviews.

In light of this, during this review the Council was to examine:

  • The need for provisions which restrict competition;
  • Whether the overall benefits to the community of restricting competition outweigh the costs; and
  • Whether there are other ways to achieve the identified social objectives without restricting competition.