Volume 1: Assessment of the European Commission's Third Railway Package: Proposed Directive on Market Access for International Passenger Services

22 November 2004
By Michael Spackman et al.

In 2004 NERA was commissioned by the UK Department of Transport to assist in assessing the impacts of the four proposed items of European Union legislation known as the Third Railway Package. NERA's role was to prepare the evidence base, including quantified costs and benefits of the proposed legislation and alternative options, which would allow the Department to prepare a fully costed regulatory impact assessment of the Package.

The resulting report consists of four volumes, one for each proposal, as follows:

  • Volume 1: A draft Directive concerning opening the market for international passenger services by rail;
  • Volume 2: A draft Regulation setting out the rights and obligations of international rail passengers;
  • Volume 3: A draft Regulation on contractual quality and compensation requirements for rail freight services; and
  • Volume 4: A draft Directive on train driver licensing.

This first volume concerns opening up the market for international rail passenger services. NERA concluded that, while the European Commission's proposal may have the potential to change certain rail markets in Europe, it was unlikely to result in new services in the UK.

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