A Study of the Benefits of Public Procurement from Small Businesses

08 September 2005
By Michael Spackman with former NERA Director John Dodgson and former NERA Consultant Dr. Barbara Veronese

This report by NERA Special Consultant Michael Spackman, former Director John Dodgson, and former Consultant Dr. Barbara Veronese provides evidence of the cost savings and other benefits small businesses can bring to the public sector market. The report, recently published by the UK Department for Trade and Industry's Small Business Service (SBS), uses a series of 20 case studies to highlight the benefits, such as better service, more innovative solutions, and increased long term competitiveness, that the public sector can gain from using small firms. The report is available via the SBS website at www.sbs.gov.uk. The report's finding will also be incorporated into an updated document, Smaller Supplier, Better Value, to be published jointly by the SBS and the UK Office of Government Commerce.