Appraisal, Evaluation, and Impact Assessment At A Glance

Capabilities and Services

NERA's Appraisal, Evaluation, and Impact Assessment Group is a cross-sectoral team of economists who are experts in the appraisal and evaluation of policies, projects, and institutions in Europe. The group combines methodological expertise with practical experience across a broad range of policy areas and industry sectors including public finance, industrial policy, utilities, public services, and financial services.

These techniques provide important tools for industries, governments, and regulators. They can be used for quantifying impacts, choosing between options, and identifying risks. Governments and regulators have come to regard such analysis as a crucial discipline and decision-making tool for the policy process. Consequently, industries are becoming increasingly active in contributing to the process, both by responding to consultation and by initiating and publishing research on policy and regulatory impacts.

NERA experts, working with experts from other disciplines where appropriate, are ideally placed to support all parties in carrying out, providing input to, and reacting to impact assessments and other appraisal and evaluation exercises.