The Evaluation of Major Local Authority Transport Projects: a Guide for DfT

10 May 2006
By Michael Spackman with former NERA Consultant Simon Maunder, former NERA Director John Dodgson, MVA, and David Simmonds Consultancy

The UK Department for Transport (DfT) carries a good reputation for the appraisal of schemes before implementation. Less well developed, however, is the use of retrospective impact evaluation to determine accountability, to inform the planning, appraisal, and delivery of future schemes, and to help ongoing or future scheme management. With this in mind, the DfT commissioned a NERA team -- as well as experts from MVA and David Simmonds Consultancy -- to develop a guidance manual on the evaluation of local authority major transport projects. The resulting guide explains the nature of evaluation, how to prepare and manage evaluations, and how to present and use evaluation results. The guide is illustrated with a series of case studies assessing the evaluations of particular transport schemes.