Utility Codes of Conduct At A Glance

Capabilities and Services

With the introduction of competition in the electric utility industry, regulators are now considering whether competition is fair. Regulators are particularly concerned with whether any of the market participants have the power to deny rivals a fair opportunity to compete on their merits. To address these concerns, states throughout the United States and countries throughout the world are developing codes of conduct to govern and protect against potential preferential treatment and cross-subsidization that may occur between regulated electric and gas utilities and their unregulated affiliates. Some states have considered whether or not additional restrictions on the relationship between the utilities and their affiliates are necessary to ensure the development of competitive markets.

NERA personnel have been involved with developing codes of conduct in nearly every US state where this issue has arisen. NERA offers economists and academics with extensive experience providing economic and regulatory analysis. In addition, our staff includes former state regulatory chairmen and commissioners with broad-based experience with electric utility regulatory issues, including the introduction of competition in retail electricity service.