Workforce Reviews and Statistical Audits

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With full knowledge of the ins and outs of its workforce, a company can more easily reduce the risk of expensive litigation, improve employee morale, and meet shareholder expectations. Conversely, when workforce and HR problems go undetected, there are often damaging repercussions to a company's business operations. While many "quick fix" compliance solutions may look tempting to harried business leaders, they fail to answer the kinds of questions that government auditors or plaintiffs' lawyers will be quick to bring up. The workplace today--and employment law worldwide--is already far too complex for such approaches to be anything but shortcuts. Unless a company's workforce assessment is based on properly analyzed facts, it will have no real defense against sizable risk.

NERA experts have the skills and insight to see beyond the often-flimsy statistics that plaintiffs use to sway jury members. We are regularly called to testify in contentious litigation cases, and we know exactly how plaintiffs operate--what their tactics are, how they get their data, and how they interpret it. NERA has a long and successful history of rebutting the flawed math presented as valid data by plaintiffs' counsel. Because we know the difference between bad and good statistics, we are easily and quickly able to spot the assumptions and misinterpretations that often put employers at a disadvantage.