Environmental Economics At A Glance

Capabilities and Services

NERA economists are widely recognized as leading experts in environmental economics. We offer policy advice and analysis based on sound economic principles and innovative economic models and techniques. Our clients include government agencies and ministries, intergovernmental organizations, individual companies, and industry organizations across a range of sectors around the world. NERA helps clients with policy design and advice, policy analysis (e.g., in regulatory and legislative settings), natural resource valuation, and environmental and human health damage assessment.

We perform a variety of types of policy analysis for our clients, including construction of marginal cost curves in permit and product markets, analysis of allocation issues in permit markets, cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, and evaluation of market and distributional effects. Our analysis relies on relevant technical expertise -- we often work with technical and scientific experts -- and takes into account economic behavior and institutional considerations.

Our insights build on expertise gained as faculty members at leading universities and at various government agencies, including the President's Council of Economic Advisors, US Environmental Protection Agency, the World Bank, the US Department of Transportation, the UK Department of Transport and HM Treasury, and the National Bureau of Economic Research. Our perspectives have been published in top industry periodicals including The Electricity Journal, American Economic Review, California Agriculture, Transportation Research, Land Economics, and The Review of Economics and Statistics.