Natural Gas Industry Experience At A Glance

Capabilities and Services

NERA's expertise in gas issues is derived from a combination of regulatory, restructuring, and privatization experience and extensive experience in financing issues for oil and gas companies. In our work around the world, our economists promote the development of oil and gas markets and attempt to minimize the role of regulation by structuring markets that will inherently require less regulation. On the financial side, NERA has wide experience in issues of financing and the determination of the appropriate cost of capital for regulated utilities. These issues are fundamental in determining the market value of a firm and represent the first step in privatizing a company in a deregulated market.

In addition to our regulatory work on industry reform, we have produced many cost-of-capital, market valuation, and financing studies for oil and gas companies. These studies are used for prospective development by both regulated and unregulated companies in the oil and gas industry and the governmental agencies responsible for overseeing and approving these undertakings.