Services and Capabilities in Financial Risk Management

Changes in the regulatory, economic, business, and legal environment around the world have made risk management a critical component in strategic planning, operations, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution.

For half a century, NERA experts have been central to client success in some of the world's highest-profile cases related to litigation, regulation, and business challenges. With extensive experience in risk analysis and risk management techniques, NERA's financial risk management experts are well versed in evaluating the clients' "risk landscape," and modeling, analyzing, and communicating the effects of combined risks to financial institutions, corporations, and governments. Our experts assist clients in measuring individual risk exposures and aggregating these risks across risk factors and business units, taking into account correlations and diversification effects, to measure their combined effect on performance measures such as earnings-at-risk or cash-flow-at-risk. Clients benefit by having an improved quantification of the risks they face, a better assessment of the impact of their risk transfer activities on their overall risk, more precise contingency planning, and more accurate budgeting and financial planning.