Survey Research, Design, and Analysis At A Glance

Capabilities and Services

NERA's Survey Research, Design, and Analysis Group provides scientific design, implementation, and analysis of surveys in litigation disputes. This includes the application of quantitative and qualitative methods, such as focus groups, in conducting litigation-quality survey projects. Our experts have provided advice to clients in merger cases, trademark disputes, class certification and liability cases, and other litigation in which the design and analysis of survey research has been a key form of evidence. Our surveys have been used to estimate the frequency of specific behaviors, identify how consumers choose among service or product configurations, measure which attributes sway purchase decisions, identify the representations consumers have received, assess what products consumers view as alternatives, and determine whether certain names or designs have achieved meaning in the marketplace.

NERA's survey experts combine a deep knowledge of sampling methods, survey and question design, survey administration, and analysis of complex sets of data grounded in theories of survey research and statistical sampling principles and practices. We have helped clients in industries including automotive, health care, entertainment, consumer products, software, building products, and food products, among others. Our work ranges from short-deadline constructive critiques of existing surveys to rigorous survey projects that successfully resolve multimillion-dollar lawsuits.