Wage and Hour Litigation At A Glance

Capabilities and Services

Experts in NERA's Labor and Employment Practice frequently provide economic and statistical analysis for wage and hour litigations. We have substantial experience investigating the key issues at the class certification, liability, and damages phases of cases, involving allegations related to: meals and breaks; minimum wage; off-the-clock work; exempt workers; overtime pay; and termination pay.

Our projects often require us to merge and analyze business records for as many as several hundred thousand employees. We have successfully presented the results of such statistical assessments in testimony to both judges and juries. We also provide consulting services to help firms understand their exposure and reliable defenses, as well as to assess current wage and hour practices to avoid litigation. Our clients value NERA's reputation for independent, rigorous economic and statistical analysis, as well as our ability to tailor and present our complex work product in a clear and understandable way.