The Demand for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Investments: An Investors' Marginal Abatement Cost Curve for Kazakhstan

01 October 2011
By Daniel Radov, Per Klevnas, Martina Lindovska, and Adil Hanif with Bloomberg New Energy Finance

This report,  prepared for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), investigates the possibilities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Kazakhstan over the period 2010-2030, and estimates their financial costs and benefits across a range of sectors of the economy. In contrast to other studies of this kind, our analysis is from the point of view of an investor interested in profitable investment opportunities that also reduce emissions. We estimate investment opportunities, and calculate the respective costs and benefits of reducing emissions from the perspective of a commercially driven investor.

The main output of this work is an "investors' marginal abatement cost curve", or MACC, showing the volume of emission reductions and the associated cost.

Another key output of this study is an analysis of the impact of policies and market conditions on investors' costs and profits. The study estimates how demand for emissionsreducing investments, and thus abatement, is influenced by specific economic and climate policies that are already planned, or could be contemplated by Kazakhstan.

Download the report in English here.

Download the report in Russian here.