Telecommunications Deregulation

06 January 2012
By Dr. William E. Taylor with MIT Department of Economics Professor Dr. Jerry Hausman

NERA Special Consultant Dr. William E. Taylor and MIT Department of Economics Professor Dr. Jerry Hausman presented a paper on telecommunications deregulation at the American Economic Association's annual meeting, held in Chicago on 6-8 January 2012. The paper was presented during a session entitled "In Remembrance of Alfred E. Kahn: Fred Kahn's Impact on Deregulation and Regulatory Reform." The late Dr. Kahn was a Cornell University Professor, a former advisor to President Carter, the "father of airline deregulation," and a longtime Special Consultant to NERA. This paper discusses how the telecommunations industry was greatly influenced by Dr. Kahn's many publications, his colleagues, students, and admirers, and his numerous testimonies, reports, and affidavits. The paper will appear in the May American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings.