IP and Related Matters in Health Care and Life Sciences

Capabilities and Services

NERA has extensive experience providing economic analysis and testimony in legal disputes and regulatory proceedings involving hospitals, health insurers, physicians, pharmaceuticals, and medical device companies. Our work has given us unique insights into the complex patchwork of legal and regulatory regimes that apply to businesses operating in markets across the EU and around the world. We leverage our knowledge of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to prepare and present accurate and defensible analyses in disputes in a broad range of cases, particularly those involving intellectual property and competition disputes. Our work is used in a variety of contexts:

  • Lost profits and reasonable royalties in patent infringement litigation
  • Damages related to misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Analysis of antitrust counterclaims in patent cases
  • Antitrust analysis of reverse payment settlements
  • Competitive analysis of proposed acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Damages calculations in contract disputes
  • Proceedings before competition regulators
  • Pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement matters